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FOR THE PRO: Revolutionize Your Game with the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed

In the high-stakes world of esports, precision, speed, and comfort are paramount. Enter the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed, a mouse designed to elevate your gaming to professional levels. The shape that sparked an esports revolution has returned, reimagined with cutting-edge technology and ergonomic enhancements. Tailored for claw or fingertip grip styles, this wireless, lightweight marvel is set to shake up the meta and dominate the competitive scene.

The Evolution of Excellence

The Razer Viper series has long been celebrated for its performance and reliability. The Viper V3 HyperSpeed continues this legacy with significant advancements, ensuring that pro gamers and aspiring professionals alike have the tools they need to excel.

  1. Best-in-Class Technologies: The Viper V3 HyperSpeed is packed with Razer's latest innovations, including HyperSpeed Wireless technology, which delivers ultra-low latency and interference reduction for a seamless connection. Experience a performance that feels as if you're using a wired mouse, but with the freedom of wireless.

  2. Optimized for Claw and Fingertip Grips: Understanding that every gamer has a unique style, the Viper V3 HyperSpeed is meticulously designed to accommodate both claw and fingertip grip styles. The shape and contour of the mouse provide maximum comfort and control, allowing for quick, precise movements during intense gameplay.

  3. Lightweight Design: The Viper V3 HyperSpeed is engineered for swift, effortless movement. This lightweight design reduces fatigue, enabling longer gaming sessions without compromising performance.

Features That Define Dominance

The Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed is not just about looks; it's built to perform. Here are some of the standout features that make it a game-changer:

  1. Razer Focus+ Optical Sensor: With a 20,000 DPI optical sensor, the Viper V3 HyperSpeed offers pinpoint accuracy and flawless tracking. This high-precision sensor ensures that every movement, no matter how small, is registered with exceptional accuracy.

  2. HyperSpeed Wireless Technology: Enjoy a faster, more reliable connection with Razer's proprietary HyperSpeed Wireless technology. This ensures minimal latency, allowing for real-time reactions and instantaneous commands—critical in the heat of competitive play.

  3. Razer Optical Mouse Switches: Experience faster actuation and a longer lifespan with Razer’s optical mouse switches. These switches provide lightning-fast response times and durability, rated for up to 70 million clicks.

  4. Long Battery Life: The Viper V3 HyperSpeed boasts an impressive battery life, ensuring you can focus on your game without the constant worry of running out of power. Stay in the zone longer with extended battery performance.

  5. Customizable Features: Utilize Razer Synapse 3 to customize your mouse settings, including DPI adjustments, button mapping, and RGB lighting effects. Tailor your Viper V3 HyperSpeed to suit your personal preferences and gaming needs.

Shaking Up the Meta

The Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed is more than just a mouse; it's a revolution. By combining ergonomic excellence with state-of-the-art technology, it empowers gamers to reach their full potential. In a landscape where milliseconds can make the difference between victory and defeat, the Viper V3 HyperSpeed ensures you stay ahead of the competition.

For those who demand the best, the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed delivers. Its innovative features, combined with a design that caters to competitive playstyles, make it the ultimate tool for esports professionals. Experience the evolution of an icon and take your game to the next level with the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed.

Ready to revolutionize your gaming experience? Embrace the future of esports with the Razer Viper V3 HyperSpeed and dominate the competition like never before.


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